About us


Tracing its history to a garage in Seattle, the BUM Equipment brand has stood for quality in the street active wear market for the past three decades. From its wholesale roots in the upscale Department Stores and Specialty Store arena, to the Mid-tier Specialty Retailers, to its foray into its own retail stores in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago it has connected at all levels creating BUM lovers all over the world with world-wide partners.

BUM Equipment is Born in a Seattle garage
BUM Equipment Begins a national roll-out to retail stores
BUM Equipment has overwhelming success at Department Stores such as Macy's, May Co., Dayton-Hudson, Dillard’s, Belk’s, Bloomingdales, and 1,500 other specialty accounts.
The brand faces financial problems under original ownership Chauvin, IntL. and files for bankruptcy in 1996.
BUM Equipment emerges from bankruptcy in 1997 under new management and new company name BUM Equipment LLC. Business is set up under a complete licensing program and sets out with 6 years of enormous growth and success at major Mid-tier merchandisers in all areas of soft goods, accessories, and footwear. During this period sales worldwide reached 2 Billion dollars and sold over 100 Million garments.
Management begins to restructure sportswear in the USA and focuses on the International market resulting in stores and licensees in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, England, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil as well as enlisting and renewing existing licenses in footwear, socks, sunglasses, watches, luggage and eyewear.
The roots of the company specifically, The Heritage Components, have been entrenched in the minds of the consumer through years as being a quality, comfortable, logo driven, athletically inspired brand. By modernizing the styling for the needs of today’s customer and combining that with the legendary heritage feeling, the company remains committed to its roots. Most recently, the company’s strategy started taking root as it has shipped 350 Macy’s stores nationwide, as well as, better specialty accounts. BUM Celebrity Branding comes to the forefront with such well known celebrities like Rhianna and many celebrities from the hit show Dancing with the Stars choosing to wear Bum Equipment logo apparel.